MS Sports Update 11.18.2020

MS Sports Update 11.18.2020
Posted on 11/18/2020

Dear Royal Knights family,


Most, if not all of the discussions and updates around athletics in our state have been about high school athletics, leaving a lot of middle school student athletes and coaches left in the dark, so to speak. With that being said, I wanted to take the time to inform you all on where middle school sports stand right now.

At this time, we are waiting for more guidance from the Mid-Columbia Middle School Activities Association on how athletics will unfold moving forward this year. Initially, the plan was to follow the high school athletics plan, which was to have 70% of the regular season available. However, after more consideration the plan was modified to reflect a normal middle season. Now, that plan has changed and there’s discussion that middle school winter sports could potentially be cancelled altogether. Keep in mind that these are just discussions, nothing is official yet.

All things considered, there’s a middle school athletic directors meeting scheduled to take place on December 8th, where more details will be ironed out. As soon as more information is available I will be sure to share it with you all.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility during these unprecedented times!


Gary Winston

Athletics & Activities Director