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Every student accident should be reported to the main office; whether at school or on the way to or from school. Accident forms are available in the office. They must be completed by the staff member in charge at the scene, or in the area of the accident. It is the responsibility of the student to report the accident immediately.


Assemblies will be scheduled throughout the year. Students are expected to use appropriate behavior at all assemblies. Attendance at assemblies is considered a privilege. Students misbehaving at assemblies may have these privileges taken away.

Associated Student Body

A.S.B. membership allows students to participate in school-sponsored sports, activities, and organizations. The ASB fee is $10.00. In the event of a hardship in payment, the student's parent or guardian may petition the principal, in writing, for a reduction or waiver of this fee.


Student Government {elected by the student body), Annual Staff, Band, Math is Cool, National Geographic Geography Bee, and Spelling Bee.


In order to participate in athletics, the student must meet athletic eligibility requirements. Students in the 7th & 8th grade must have passed 6 of 7 classes the previous grading period to be eligible to play.

In order to be eligible for after school sports, each student must:

  1. Have permission forms signed by parent/guardian.
  2. Have a current physical examination form signed by a doctor.
  3. School insurance or an insurance waiver signed by parents indicating that private insurance covers them for athletic participation.
  4. Have an emergency medical authorization form on file in the office.
  5. Abide by Washington Interscholastic Activities Association and Royal School District policies pertaining to athletic eligibility and co-curricular participation rules.
  6. Paid ASB fee.

Interscholastic (7th and 8th Grade)
Girls: Softball, Cross Country, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Track
Boys: Football, Cross Country, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, Soccer and Track

Attendance and Classroom Grading

Attendance may affect your grade. Teachers will inform students and parents of their classroom policy.


If a student is absent from school, the parent should call the school as early as possible on the day of the absence. Upon returning to school, students are to bring a written excuse signed by a parent, stating the reason for the absence and to obtain a pass to class. If a parent fails to provide a note or phone call of explanation, the parents will have two {2) school days to provide the information, or the absence will be recorded as unexcused. If a student is unexcused or truant from school, a parent conference with the principal may be required. Students are not allowed to attend or participate in any after school functions on a day they are absent from school. {Additional consequences are stated in Discipline Procedure 3200.) When a student accumulates 2-5 unexcused absences in a month, parents will be required to meet with school personnel to address the attendance concerns and discuss interventions. When a student reaches 5 unexcused absences/truancies in a month, or 10 in a year, he/she will be referred to Grant County Juvenile Court. A student with twenty {20) consecutive absences, excused or unexcused, will be automatically withdrawn from all classes.

Absences, whether excused or unexcused, can make it difficult for a student to achieve academic expectations, and according to district policy "may affect a reduction in grades earned and promotions granted". Excessive absences are those, which total 5 days per quarter, 10 days per semester, or 20 days per academic year. Excessive absences may result in the development of an Attendance Improvement Plan.


Bicycles are to be parked in the bicycle racks provided by the school. It is suggested that bicycles be locked. Once on school groun,ds, students are to get off the bike and walk to the appropriate site. (Students must have approval from the office ·. before bringing skateboards and roller blades to school.)


RMS offers breakfast and hot lunch. These meals are federally funded.  The lunchroom supervisors and fellow students will appreciate your cooperation in:

  1. Depositing all lunch litter in appropriate containers.
  2. Leaving the table and floor around you in clean condition for others.
  3. Using appropriate tone and volume of voice.
  4. Not throwing food (or anything else!).
  5. Following proper release procedures. Students will be excused from the cafeteria once the table and floor areas are clean.
  6. Keeping food and beverages in the cafeteria.

Closed Campus/Student Designated Areas

Royal Middle School operates a closed campus policy, Once students arrive at school, they are required to remain on school grounds unless checked out by a parent or guardian. Students, upon arrival at school in the morning, are to remain outside until released into the building. Students waiting for the bus after school are to remain in the bus loading area. Students who do not ride the bus should arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before school, and are to leave the school grounds upon dismissal at the end of the day unless they are participating in a supervised activity, or have permission from an adult. Hallways are closed, unless students have been issued a pass by staff.

Computer Use

All students may access the computer and internet. There are opt-out forms if you do not wish to have your child on the computers. Inappropriate use of school computers may result in a loss of computer privileges and/or disciplinary action.

Daily Bulletin

A daily bulletin, which includes announcements about school activities, is prepared in the office and read to students during first period. A copy of the bulletin is in the main office.


Before or after school detention may be assigned to students to make up assignments, for unacceptable behavior, and for tardies. Students are responsible for making arrangements with their parents and teachers/staff to complete the detention. Parents will be notified when their student has been assigned detention. Failure to complete detention is considered a failure to comply, and may result in additional detention time or a referral to the office.


Students are expected to follow classroom procedures. Teachers will inform students and parent_s of behavioral expectations and classroom management steps. Parents can expect notification from teachers when concerns arise so problems can be addressed.
(Refer to Royal School District Policy #3200 for steps taken when discipline is referred to the office.)

Fire Drill and /or Emergency Evacuation

A Fire Drill/Emergency Evacuation Plan is posted in each room. State Law requires that Emergency Drills be practiced. Students should study the plan and become familiar with it. Students must proceed in an orderly fashion with their classroom teacher during the evacuation process.

Going to Lunch with Parents

We ask parents to carefully consider taking students off-campus for lunch. It is difficult to get back to school before the end of our thirty-minute lunchtime. If a parent does take his/her child out to lunch, he/she must pick up the student at .. the office, and may not take other students (unless authorized in writing by the other student's parents/guardians).

Hallway Courtesy

Keep hallways open to traffic by walking to your right. Do not block traffic by standing in groups. Pass through hallways quietly. Be considerate of others in the hallways and classrooms. Discard trash in appropriate containers.


It should be expected of middle school students that some homework would be assigned outside of class time. If you keep yourself up-to-date on class projects, assignments, and studying for tests, you will find that your schoolwork will be manageable. It is suggested that you plan a certain time each evening for homework or review - in this way it will become a habit, not hardship. Keep track of assignments and homework in your planner.

Homework Due to Absences

Students must make arrangements to make up any tests or work missed'when absent. Students can generally expect to make up/ missed work for each excused day absent. Homework is typically posted in classrooms, and/or can be accessed through a student's teacher. Work with your teacher if you have any questions about what is expected after you return from an absence.

When a student will be absent from school for two or more days, the student or parent may request work that will be missed during the absence. To ensure that all requested work can be gathered in a timely fashion, requests for homework which will be picked up that afternoon, must be made by 8:30 a.m., and should be picked up at the main office between 3:00 and 3:30 p.m. Please expect to pick up homework requests received after 8:30, the following day after 3:00. Parents should contact the office if they have any questions about this procedure.

Health Concerns

If students are ill, they should remain home. Students who are feeling ill after they arrive at school are expected to report to their teacher. They will be sent to the office if necessary. First aid will be administered as necessary through the main office.

Late Arrivals

When you are late to school, go directly to the main office before going to your class or your locker. Present your note to the office staff and you will be given an admit slip. If your parent/guardian brings you, have them check you in, and no note will be needed. Your parent may call before you arrive at school and excuse your tardiness.

If you are tardy and have no note, and no telephone call has been received, you will be admitted to class with an unexcused tardy pass. The classroom teacher will handle consequences for a tardy to any class. All tardies, no matter what the reason, will count toward the total number of tardies during a quarter, and may affect a student's grade, as indicated in individual teachers' grading policies. Cumulative tardies will result in classroom discipline, then a referral to the office.


Students should take the time necessary to learn the proper use of the library and its rules. There are special rules for the use of reference materials, magazines, and reserved books. A student will receive a fine for lost or damaged library materials or books.


Each student is assigned a locker and lock. Lockers and locks are the property of the Royal School District and"are subject to inspection by school officials at all times, without notice to students. There is no locker fee charged for the use of a locker. However, the cost of repairing any damage to a locker will be charged to the student. Royal School District does not assume liability for stolen articles. Do not share locker combinations or lockers.

Lost and Found

Articles that are found should be turned into the office. Lost articles may be claimed before or after school. All unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity at the end of the school year.


In the office area you will find the principal and school secretaries. All visitors must report to the office for proper identification and check-in. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Optional Student Expenses
ASB Fee: $10.00
Annual: $15.00 (may vary)
School Pictures: Determined by company
School Insurance: Determined by company

Pass System

Travel in the hallways during class time or lunchtime requires a signed pass from your classroom teacher, main office, or counseling office, This pass should be visible at all times.

Physical Education

Students are required to have P.E. clothes (uniforms cost $12. 75 and are available in the MS office). All gym clothes must be clearly marked. Print your first initial and last name on each item to be worn. Each student is provided with a combination lock and storage unit for items. A student will receive a fine for a lost or damaged lock. Royal School District does not assume liability for stolen articles.

Possession of Dangerous Object/Weapons

Possession, handling or transmitting any object that can reasonably be considered a dangerous object/weapon may result in suspension or expulsion from school.

Any student bringing dangerous weapons, including air guns, knives, throwing stars, "nun chukka sticks" or explosives will be long-term suspended. Any student bringing a firearm to school will be expelled from school for a period of not less than one year. Police notification will be made. (RSD Policy #3200)
Radios, CD Players, Electronic Games, Pagers, Laser Pointers, Cameras, Cell phones, Etc.

Radios, CD Players, Electronic Games, Pagers, Laser Pointers, Cameras, Cell phones, Etc.

Due to distractions and disruptions that radios, games, and other electronic devices create in the classroom and hallways, and also the possibility of damage and theft, these items are to be kept in lockers, unless otherwise specified,

Report Cards

Report cards are sent home to parents approximately every nine weeks. An explanation of the grading system is located on the card.

Parents can request additional progress reports at any time by contacting their child's teacher.

Parent Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences may be scheduled at any time by calling the Middle School office. Annual conferences will be on the same days as the Elementary Conference schedule and are scheduled by appointment.

School Bus Transportation

Transportation is provided for all students living within a designated bus route. In order to ride a bus other than the one assigned, students must present a note signed by a parent or guardian to the office to obtain a school bus pass. Rules regarding school bus behavior are district wide. Students must conduct themselves in a proper manner or their bus privileges may be suspended. When a student is suspended from bus privileges, it becomes the parent's responsibility to provide transportation for the student.

School Conduct Code

Individuals are expected to treat others with respect and consideration (treat others as you would like to be treated.) Staff will not tolerate any fights, threats, intimidation, or harassment. Furthermore, possession, us·e, or transmission of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs while on school property will not be tolerated. Strong disciplinary actions will be taken against any violator. (RSD Policy #3200)

Student Guests

Student guests will not be permitted during the 19-20 school year.

Substitute Teachers

If a student is disrupting the class in any way, the substitute teacher may automatically send the student to the office. The student will have after school detention the following day.


Students must obtain permission from school personnel to use school telephones, and must limit calls to school business. Students will not be called from class to answer the phone except in emergencies.


The school furnishes all textbooks for student use, Reasonable care should be used in handling books 'or school property, All damage other than reasonable wear must be paid for. Report cards may be held until fines are paid


All visitors must check in at the main office for a pass. Violators, or students who are in "off limit" areas, will be considered trespassers, and may be subject to arrest.

Students will be warned and/or cited for trespassing on other school grounds during school.